Preparation breeds success at Pinkman Pitching Camp

If a pitcher is looking for precision throws from the mound, he or she should prepare by attending Pinkman Pitching Camp. We believe hard work and preparation can deliver a great season and recruitment by professional teams. Our program teaches pitchers how to perfect the basics, but we also work on pitcher-specific troubleshooting and injury prevention.

What does Pinkman Pitching Camp offer?

  • insight into getting a powerful arm
  • training about staying injury-free
  • mindset coaching
  • pitching video instruction
  • pitching drills
  • pitching critique
  • radar readings
  • training tips

Our pitchers get individualized instruction from top tier coaches and trainers. The classes are small, so each pitcher is able to get one-on-one learning experiences with their mentors. They begin each day with a morning pep talk and discussion about mentally preparing to pitch prior to a game. Then, there is a question and answers session that gets more developed with each day. After an initial ability assessment, training begins.

Personalized training programs allow pitchers to work out the kinks in their game. If they are leaning in their pitches, proper balance will be restored. Stride inconsistencies will be addressed. We will make sure the pitcher is getting over their knee and not hip popping. The common struggles all pitchers run across will be noted and corrected. Bad habits will be rectified.

Where is Pinkman Pitching Camp?

Our camp is available to pitchers each summer in Sterling, VA, and it is hosted by Jim Hall, who is an avid fan of baseball and a former pitcher himself. Jim wanted to create a camp where pitchers of all levels could become great, so he has a range of camps at varying levels to ensure pitchers are paired with like abilities, and instruction is targeted accordingly.

The camp has top-of-the-line equipment, advanced technology, and it employs some of the best instructors in baseball history, many who have played professionally. They are all passionate about the sport of baseball, and their goals are to generate the best pitchers through their experience and instruction.

If your goal is to be a professional pitcher, Pinkman Pitching Camp is a requirement. Talent will get you far in this sport, but the truly amazing pitcher studies the game and perfects technique, so every pitch is perfect. It takes devotion to make it to the big leagues.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in more information about Pinkman Pitching Camp, or if you would like to register, please contact us at this link. It’s worth it!